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Lifeguarding Prerequisites:

*Swim 300 yards breaststroke/freestyle continuously

*Tread in deep water for 2 minutes using only legs

*Retrieve and swim on back with 10-pound object from depth of 7-12 feet (timed)


New Student Lifeguard Course $300.00, Recert Course $200.00, CPR Course $50

Cash or checks payable to Arch Amenities Group                               


Criteria for course completion and certification:

To successfully complete the lifeguarding course, you must:

-Attend and participate in all class sessions.

-Demonstrate competency in all required skills and activities.

-Demonstrate competency in all required final rescue skill scenarios.

-Pass both the written tests (Only Section 1 if only doing CPR course):

Section 1: CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer & First Aid

Section 2: Lifeguard Skills

Must pass written with a minimum of 80%

 Items to bring for lifeguard course: Swimsuit, ID (passport or student photo ID with birth certificate), Goggles, Snacks, Lunch, Warm clothes, Water, 2 to 3 Towels


To enroll, please Click Here or email

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